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1 lspd aplication on Wed Aug 01, 2012 5:07 am

Last Name:Ryan

First Name:Martin

Middle Name:Patrick


D.O.B. ((Date-Of-Birth)):25/01/86

Weight:40 kg

Highet:150 cm

Education:los santos collage, when i was 18 years old i went to lscollage and i studed law for 5 years, after that i have been looking for a job ever since.
Have You Ever Had a Previous Law Enforcement?:no

If yes , where and why have you been fired/quit?:

-Please ask an officer for the rules Of Los Santos Police Department at the LSPD ((Should be another topic). Thank you for applying!

i want to join the lspd because i am a good comunicator and can work with people easyly, i think if you let me in to the lspd i would be a better and extra worker to the job itself.

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