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Status Codes:
Status One: On Duty
Status Two: Off Duty
Status Three: Inactive ((Fueling , Etc))
Radio Codes:
10-1: Responding (LOUD/SILENT)
10-3: Negative
10-4: Affirmative
10-5: Repeat
10-6: Stand-By
10-7: Report To ((Location))
10-8: Suspect Lost
10-9: Suspect Arrested
10-12: Request Backup
10-20: Location
10-22:Disregard Last Statment
((These are not all the codes , but the most useful))
-Los Santos Police Department Rules

1.Zero Tolerance Towards Corruption , Corruption will be a "KICK" from the faction.
2. Read The MOTD ((Press F3 and at the bottom of the list theres the message)) and follow it's rules.
3. Using gear , ETC , you're not suppose to use will be a kick from the faction.
4.Do not drive the cars you're not suppose to , read F3 In-Game the MOTD for these "Vehicles" You're not suppose to use.
5. Respect High Ranked Officers. No disrespectful behavior will be accepted.
6.No cadets should be patroling alone. Only a Police Officer I and plus can patrol alone. If theres a PO III and plus with the cadet , then he may drive. If a cadet patrols alone,he will be Kicked from the faction.
7. Inactivity for 5 days Plus will result in imediate expulsion from the LSPD.

-Los Santos Police Department

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